Here we focus on branding strategies and practices. We cover topics such as brand identity, brand storytelling, and brand positioning. These articles aim to provide insights and tips for businesses looking to build a strong and memorable brand that resonates with their target audience.

Miles Davis

Livin’ in Miles’ head

"I'll play it, and tell you what it is later."
Last man standing

Last man standing

An ally can save your business life when others don't understand you. Don't force the last man standing to abandon you.
Keith Parnell

No fear. Strong will. Be a leader.

Go for it. Just do it. Ask Google. Search YouTube. Whatever it takes. Get it done, then sit back and reap the benefits of its production.
Tiger Woods

There is no golf on TV without Tiger

Every golfer on the PGA Tour should have to give Tiger 10% of his earnings because he's the only reason TV ratings are above zero. Facts.
Tiger Woods and Jon Rahm at The Masters 2022

Professional Golfers need a Clothes Designer

Rahm's clothes are ugly. Millions of dollars in sponsorship money and gear, and all you can manage are grey pants and a baby-shit green shirt? And yes, it is important. #clothesmaketheman #brandmatters

Netflix price rises, Paramount+ and Peacock pay the price

A streaming service must provide good value. Don't take months off from producing new shows and movies. Your old-school mentality won't make it in our home NBC and CBS.
Windows 11 upgrade

Windows 11, finally

After several months of being rejected by the upgrade monster in Redmond, Microsoft finally allowed my new Surface Studio 2 to upgrade to Windows 11. 😏

Terra Vision. Yes?

Did the team at Google really scheme, deceive, and steal the central algorithm from Terra Vision for their own Google Earth?
Are you loyal to your decisions?

Are you loyal to your decisions?

Even in this era of 'cancel culture' and no loyalty to a way of thinking, I am surprised almost daily how people can change their path so easily and quickly.
Can marketing imitate Hotel California's lack of storytelling?

Can marketing imitate Hotel California’s lack of storytelling?

Marketing at its core is meant to intrigue our consumers. So if we do it through storytelling or through triggering thoughts of stories, we've reached success.
Identify and Prioritize can bring calm to your day

‘Identify and Prioritize’ can bring calm to your day

There's a lot of power in pausing for a moment to identify the source of your to-do's, analyze a proper solution, and then move forward.
If we're dreamin' together, what's your biggest dream?

If we’re dreamin’ together, what’s your biggest dream?

What's on your wish list? What can technology do for you that it's not already doing?
Keith Parnell

Do your passions come through in your brand?

Do you have something that directly influences your priorities?​ Where does your brand come from?
iOS 15's encryption model allows Driver's Licenses & TSA interaction

iOS 15’s encryption model allows Driver’s Licenses & TSA interaction

iOS 15 will allow users to store their driver's licenses and state IDs in the Wallet app. Apple will partner with TSA to utilize digital IDs in airports.
Ooh! Squirrel!

Ooh! Squirrel!

Are you wasting your money on today's shiny objects? Spend your money wisely with a marketing plan spanning target audience research to results measurements.
Who are these Beach Boys?

Who are these Beach Boys?

If the Beach Boys can adapt and reinvent themselves, why can't we adapt to our customers' wants, needs, desires? Is it our mindset that needs to change? Maybe.
Need help with your Real Estate marketing?

Need help with your Real Estate marketing?

Many years of experience in Hampton Roads has shown me the right way to do real estate marketing. Let's talk through your marketing plan to help you succeed.
software programming plan

What does it mean to be a software architect?

If you're a free thinker that can match business requirements to a technology solution, you're half way there.
orange juice qr code order

People actually read your outdoor signage, ya know [video]

There's an art to putting yourself in the mindset of your customer. Know your audience. Let technology help do the work for you.
facebook mobile

Is your Facebook (Business Page) blowing-up your frustration level? [video]

Overall traffic is down. Individual article views are down. Comments are down. There’s a reason for that, says Facebook.
young woman standing on mountains look at clouds

Stay true to your ideas

Most times the marketing and execution are bad, not the idea.
Welcome to

Welcome to! [video]

Thanks for visiting me at I'm really excited you're here. Feel free to look around at the types of services and clients I have fun with every day. I love understanding your activities, understanding your target audience, and…
rainbow keys on laptop

Marketing Strategies to Engage Technology Decision-makers

We should look for marketing strategies that engage decision-makers by proving that we understand what challenges their target industry faces.
What is BoomerX Media

What is BoomerX Media? [video]

What is BoomerX Media? A team of Baby Boomers and GenX'ers that know more about Millennials and GenZ'ers than they do. How they act, what they like, where they play, and where they spend their money. You want BoomerX Media on your team. Let's…
woman with white crisp shopping carrier bags

Our customers’​ buying habits

Up-close observations can't be replaced. Study their habits. Recognize their likes and dislikes.