Easily hire the right partner to help with POS implementation, online store setup, marketing, and more. Work with a highly skilled expert 🙋‍♂️ Square Specialists are experienced designers, marketers, and developers who specialize in understanding seller needs. Achieve stronger results with dedicated support. Whether you’re just starting a business or optimizing for growth, receive consultation and professional solutions proven to drive business results.

Build your business vision with an expert developer.

Custom development. Personalize your business with made-to-order applications and integrations through Square APIs. Online store setup. Reach more customers by bringing your business online.

Build your business vision with an expert designer.

Branding and web design. Customize or redesign your website to reflect your brand accurately.

Build your business vision with an expert marketer.

Marketing and search. Drive more sales through proven SEO, social media, and sales initiatives.

How can I help you succeed?

Keith’s Digital Technology Services

Square Consulting

Need a Square Expert? KPDT has you covered with today’s leading POS System and Online Store. Get support for anything you need – from implementation to support.

POS System Selection, Implementation, Integration

Helping businesses choose the right POS system, implementing it seamlessly, and integrating it with other business systems for efficient operations.

eCommerce Strategy & Implementation

Consulting businesses on developing and implementing winning eCommerce strategies to succeed in the online marketplace.

Online Store Design & Development

Building visually appealing, user-friendly, and functionally robust online stores tailored to specific business needs.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Advising businesses on cybersecurity best practices and implementing security measures to protect data and systems.

eCommerce Marketing & Analytics

Designing and executing effective marketing campaigns to attract and engage customers, utilizing analytics tools to track performance and optimize strategies.

Omnichannel Strategy Development

Assisting businesses in creating a seamless customer experience across online and offline channels, potentially including in-store POS systems.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Helping businesses develop and implement digital strategies to improve efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness.

Developing & Managing Digital Products & Services

Building and managing websites, mobile apps, eCommerce platforms, and other digital solutions.

Data Analysis and Insights

Analyzing data to gain insights, identify trends, and inform business decisions.

Digital Marketing

Planning and executing digital marketing campaigns including managing social media presence, driving engagement, managing search engine optimization, managing content marketing, managing email marketing, managing local SEO, managing video marketing, managing pay-per-click.

Automation and Integration

Automating workflows and integrating different systems to improve efficiency and productivity.