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There is no Mt. Rushmore without Shane Falco

‘Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory … lasts forever.’ Take it. Ingest it. Live it. And reap the rewards.

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Videos vs Photos on Facebook

We all know that Facebook shows us what they want us to see, not what we want to see or what’s newest / most recent on our timeline.

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Who’s your go-to?

Do you have a go-to that you can pick up the phone to call anytime?

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Inside Archimedes’ Brain

There’s no doubt that Archimedes was one of the greatest brains, the greatest out-of-the-box-thinking, inventive mindsets that has ever lived.…

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Maybe Google isn’t as almighty as we thought

Does the fact that Google only ever created 1-1/2 products make you look at them differently?

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Big Thinkers and Head Spinners

Who are the big thinkers in your life? Who are the people in your life that make your head spin?

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You can be wrong, but don’t be confused

Each can back intelligently their method, i.e., not confused. But each could also be on a path that won’t ultimately get to the end goal efficiently, i.e., wrong.

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Just do better

We don’t always need to dream up new ideas. We don’t always need to experiment with new technologies. Just to better at what we do every day.

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