June 3, 2023

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That doesn’t mean it’s right

When you find something that doesn’t seem kosher, it’s okay to doubt it. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut. Go for it. And don’t look back!

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I’m gonna eat your lunch!

Do you already have perspective on where your target audience can be best reached today?

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How do you have time to create content?

Here’s the simple answer, I do it. Yea, that’s it. I just do it. Any time. All the time.

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Talk to your audience

It does your business no good to talk your language and not your customer’s language.

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Building brand with content

Know the distribution technology so you can leverage its power to expose your brand as wide as possible.

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Content matters to build the brand

To build my brand to the levels I demand, it will take 25 new, relevant, valuable pieces of content each day.

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Let me tell you a story …

You don’t always get what you want. Want a story?

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The Ides of March, the real truth

The Ides of March was mostly known as the deadline by which the ancient Romans had to settle their debts.

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