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Keith Parnell

Influencer-Schminfluencer. Don’t do it!

Under no circumstance should you ever listen to an influencer.
Keith Parnell

Risk vs Reward vs Risky-Reward [video]

How risky are you in business? Do you take that strategic gamble? Do you take a chance for the big reward of beating the next guy?
Keith Parnell

Can we learn a lesson from Spotify? [video]

Where do you sit with your business strategy? Brave? Progressive? Or perfect what you do best?
Keith Parnell

Grandbabies & Stingrays! [video]

How can grandbabies and sharks not make you smile?
Keith Parnell

Life is all about learning from mistakes, right? [video]

When we do it wrong, the key to life success is to learn from our mistakes :: review, evaluate, plan, execute.
Successful Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Are you a stressed Real Estate Agent right now?

Throwing mud on the wall to see what sticks is not a productive way to spend your marketing dollars. Let's come up with a successful marketing plan for you.
Keith Parnell

I’m gonna eat your lunch! [video]

Do you already have perspective on where your target audience can be best reached today? If not, beware.
Keith Parnell

How do you have time to create content? [video]

Here's the simple answer, I do it. Yea, that's it. I just do it. Any time. All the time.
Keith Parnell

Are you a popular streamer?

If your streaming service isn't grabbing at least 1% (doesn't make this chart), don't get attached. You'll be forced to change soon.
Successful Healthcare Marketing, yes it matters

Successful Healthcare Marketing, yes it matters

There are so many great ways to effectively market your medical practice. If you're a doctor, dentist or orthodontist, optometrist or ophthalmologist, or other medical or healthcare facility, there are smart ways to touch your target audience.…
Quick-n-Dirty Do's & Don't's for Social Media Marketing

Quick-n-Dirty Do’s & Don’t’s for Social Media Marketing

We want consumers to like you, be attracted to you, and be willing to spend their money with you. Let's have a conversation about your social media marketing.
Successful Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Successful Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Throwing mud on the wall to see what sticks is not a productive way to spend your marketing dollars. Let's come up with a successful marketing plan for you.
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What does it mean to be a software architect?

If you're a free thinker that can match business requirements to a technology solution, you're half way there.
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What is in the Senate’s Infrastructure Bill?

The United States Senate is expected to pass a $1 Trillion infrastructure bill this week. Among many other initiatives, here's what's in the bill: $110 billion for roads and bridges $73 billion to modernize the nation's energy grid …
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I’m all yours, for one hour [video]

Do you ever wish you could just pick up the phone and call somebody or hit a button on your laptop and zoom somebody to ask them questions? 'How did you do that?' 'How did you make that happen for your business?' 'What's your success story?' 'Do…
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Tips for marketing your Real Estate Team

There are so many great ways to effectively market your real estate team, even if you're a team of one. There are smart ways to touch your target audience. Here are a few from my bag of tricks. Creating a website is the perfect place to start.…
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Facebook Ads for your restaurant, oh boy, where to start

Here are a few tips that will help your restaurant fight through the clutter and compete with the other 45M+ Facebook Business Pages.
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People actually read your outdoor signage, ya know [video]

There's an art to putting yourself in the mindset of your customer. Know your audience. Let technology help do the work for you.
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Is your Facebook (Business Page) blowing-up your frustration level? [video]

Overall traffic is down. Individual article views are down. Comments are down. There’s a reason for that, says Facebook.
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Getting started in Sports Marketing

When you’re truly tired of losing and not getting noticed, give me a shout. Let’s get your team on the right track.
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Restaurants can learn from the Starbucks experience

Yes, your food must taste delicious. Yes, your menu should make your customers' mouths water. But service, experience, and culture are number one (two & three).
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Marketing Strategies to Engage Technology Decision-makers

We should look for marketing strategies that engage decision-makers by proving that we understand what challenges their target industry faces.
What is BoomerX Media

What is BoomerX Media? [video]

What is BoomerX Media? A team of Baby Boomers and GenX'ers that know more about Millennials and GenZ'ers than they do. How they act, what they like, where they play, and where they spend their money. You want BoomerX Media on your team. Let's…

Depth and length of podcasts

Where do you sit on podcasts? I have a couple in my gallery that are over an hour each week. But then I have others that I can consume inside of 15 minutes each. I think I prefer the shorter podcasts so that I can listen to multiple storytellers…