Messaging Placement is just as important as The Message

Messaging Placement is just as important as The Message

Messaging. Messaging is important on many levels.

Often the poor execution of the distribution of the messaging overshadows the actual meaningful message itself.

Example: I’m driving on I-64 West in Norfolk approaching the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT). Traffic is backed up during afternoon rush hour for 6-1/2 miles.

How do I know that precise misery? I know because Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) posted a message for me on their digital road sign that read, “6.5 mile back-up at HRBT.”

Really? I’m 3 miles into your back-up and you thought it important to stir the road rage pot by reminding hundreds of drivers that they’re sitting in a traffic stall at the HRBT?

The message of messaging is important.

The placement of messaging is equally important.

* photo courtesy of Erik Mclean @ Pexels

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  1. Bear Stevens
    Bear Stevens says:

    Those message boards are placed ahead of time based on where the traffic is expected to back up. The sign can be moved if it is consistently in the wrong place, but that doesn’t happen instantaneously.

    • Keith Parnell
      Keith Parnell says:

      Indeed for the message trailer shown in the photo. But the VDOT signs at the HRBT are permanent billboard-type digital boards along the Interstate. Bad message placement.

      Thanks for the note. Comments and opinions are always welcome.

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