Real Estate marketing ideas for this summer

Real Estate marketing ideas for this summer

The real estate market has been crazy for a while now — up a few months, then down a few months. Following a pandemic that has us all skittish, we have no idea where interest rates are going. Oh, and housing inventory — don’t even act like anyone can accurately predict home availability.

So how can you keep your real estate business thriving despite these challenges? Let’s walk through a few ideas.

Start by correctly defining your target audience. The basics like what age and income range can you satisfy with your skills would be a place to start. But more importantly, run down your target’s psychographics — their likes, dislikes, how and where the shop, etc.

Check your website’s SEO status. This is a must. Your customers need to be able to find you on Google and Bing, with Siri and Hey Google. Is your website mobile-friendly, or better, mobile-first? Are you targeting the right keywords for success?

If you’re not blogging regularly, you’re missing out. Content is king, jack! Write to your heart’s content. Write more. Write less. Either way, write. People will find you via SEO and social publication, but only if you’re writing on your blog.

Have fun with your content generation. Everything, and I mean everything, should start on your blog. And with each blog topic, have some fun on Instagram and maybe with a Facebook video. Social publishing is a great way to reach a specific audience that hangs out in their little corner of the Internet.

Back to impressing Google, be sure your Google Business Listing is up-to-date. Search for your business on Google and Bing to see what business listings show up. Is your business information such as your business name, address, phone number, and website URL correct?

An Email Newsletter is a great way to say hello in someone’s inbox and grab their attention while they’re preparing for the day. Using a system like MailChimp or Constant Contact can publish directly from your blog articles to help you save time. Don’t miss out on this very effective way to reach your customers.

If you’re finding that your summer is not quite as busy as you’d like it to be, reach out. I have tons of ideas that can help push your real estate business along. Happy Summer!

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