Human-centered design: An Exceptional User Experience

KPIL, The All-In-One Productivity Platform

The KPIL Toolset regroups business applications into one unique hub to ensure simplified day-to-day business operations.

KPIL will transform corporate application organization by simplifying how employees interact with the tools available to them. It will be of tremendous value to small companies and large enterprises interested in facilitating employee management.

The KPIL Toolset interface is designed to create a pleasant, intuitive and clear navigation experience. The streamlined design provides instant access to content and eliminates visual distractions for better concentration.

The soft, rounded icons and logos echo the ergonomics of mobile applications, highlighting the flexibility and maneuverability of the Digital Workspace. The platform is designed as a flexible and engaging workspace that promotes creativity and productivity while its cool colors have been chosen for their calming and soothing character.

KP Innovation Lab is a national software vendor that supports its customers in their digital transformation by offering a suite of customizable Digital Workplace products.

The KPIL Toolset delivers solutions that revolutionize collaboration, communication and enterprise productivity. For a more detailed look, sign up for your Free Trial of KPIL today.