How leadership can make or break a restaurant concept

How leadership can make or break a restaurant concept

Leadership makes the ultimate decisions on the direction of a restaurant concept. From the beginning brainstorming on where the concept begins to the execution of the policies ensuring the restaurant concept comes to life, its success requires 100% leadership buy-in. So, how do we get there? How do we ensure success?

Restaurant concept marketing results

As with most initiatives, I begin with data, or at least data gathering. Data sets are tricky because they’re usually hidden from each other. Think Nielsen data, website analytics, social interactions, loyalty rewards, delivery data, and direct email numbers. Each are important in the decision-making process, yet all are not stored in one place. It takes time to gather the data, and it takes experience to understand each data set, how it should influence follow-on activities like marketing campaigns, and it takes moxy for leadership to use the failures or so-so results to positively influence the next campaign.

Transparency and collaboration with customers

Being transparent and collaborative with your team can really help with the culture within your organization. What do they think along the path of implementing a new restaurant concept? Have you stopped to ask? And with what’s going on with COVID-19 & Delta, your customers absolutely have a right to know how your restaurant is handling the challenges. Implementing a new concept is the perfect time to reinforce that you care about them, hence your brand can win big. Be transparent and make sure to communicate with your consumers.

Brand innovation and evolution

Some brands sit. They may sit solid and popular, but there’s no risk being taken. Think USPS versus UPS and FedEx. They’ll eventually get left behind in consumers’ minds, just like USPS. Initiating a new restaurant concept or rebranding your company is the perfect time to ‘think innovation‘ and how you should evolve. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Keep your brand’s history in-tact, all-the-while prepare your company for success over the next decade. Leadership can make that happen. Leadership can make this a success.

Undertaking a new restaurant concept or company rebrand is bold and daring. I know. I’ve led companies through this several times. But it can be fun. And it should be successful! Let’s talk more on the pros and cons of the right next-move for you.

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