Your leadership style affects the team’s success

Your leadership style affects the team's success

From a leadership perspective, how do you see the people in your team? Are they numbers on a balance sheet? Are they people with lives and families?

Do you consider the effect your actions and decisions have on their lives? Or is the work-life ratio just straight-up black and white to you?

A mentor in my life during my impressionable rise through middle management, years ago told me that ‘you work for the people that work for you.‘ In essence he was saying that your team is comprised of real people.

If you consider their personalities in your business decisions, they will work harder for you.

If you frame your relationship with them in a way where you work for them to help them succeed, they will more readily accept the organization’s goals and strategies.

People are people. They are the same person at work that they are at home. As much as we want to say that we can separate our business and personal worlds, there is still crossover in state of mind and emotion. Treat your team like people, and we will all have a better chance of success.