Michael (Keith) Parnell – CIO Bio

Family Christmas 2006

As Chief Information Officer of Stratum, Keith Parnell has led the company into a new era of leveraging information technology to deliver value to customers. Under his leadership, Stratum is on a path to development that has driven behavior change within the organization and garnered strong interest from other technology leaders. Keith’s focus on converting IT investment into direct customer value has led to community excitement for creating total lifetime customer value.

Keith led visionary steps, architectural design and oversaw the implementation of a powerful yet user friendly Customer Relationship Management System, a well-known animal rights activist organization’s web-based business model, which simplifies the collection, storage and reporting of customer information processes and eliminates the added cost of technical support for large volumes of customers and donors. In addition, he directed the plan for multi-generational order fulfillment activities and synchronized it with plans for the restructuring of the organization’s website, ensuring that transacting business will consistently build and maintain the organization’s brand promises to customers globally.

Keith has been involved in several substantial initiatives in the automotive, sports, financial and government industries. Each initiative has been guided under his leadership to break ground in the technology arena garnering attention from both industry and technology professionals.

Keith blogs at keith.jaseblog.com.