Yahoo is the most searched term on Google!

Family Christmas 2006

That’s right! According to Slashdot, the term “Yahoo” has just surpassed “sex” as the most popular search term on Google over the past 12 months.

Why would that be? Do Internet searchers really prefer the Yahoo! engine over the Google engine? If so, then why wouldn’t people just change their default search engine to Yahoo!’s home page? Could it be the complexity of Yahoo!’s home page is more intimidating than Google’s straight-to-the-point home page interface? Maybe. Or could it be that every small app that gets downloaded by Internet surfers secretly changes preferences to make Google the default search engine for their browser? Maybe.

Who knows the real answer and as vague as search engine cogs are explained, we’ll probably never know the real reason. But we do know for sure that the majority of search queries on Google are performed by surfers itching to move away from there and over to Yahoo!.