September 22, 2023

Business of Real Estate

Let’s line up a time so you and I can chat. I’ll answer any questions you have on your real estate business. Need assistance with establishing your brand? Need advice on understanding how to measure the success of your advertising dollars? Through the magic of technology, you can grab an hour of my time over Teams or Skype or Zoom (your choice) to establish a marketing strategy solid enough to make your competitors jealous. Let’s talk about your Real Estate Marketing Plan.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have a personal conversation to point you in the right direction and save you thousands on wasted time. Reach out now and let’s get down to business!

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Anyone can reach out to Keith and get his help.

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How to react to Facebook Reviews

Engaging with existing customers in the Facebook review space can lead to increased customer retention and create the most loyal of customers.

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Google Reviews can make or break us

With the right reputation management strategy, small business owners can use online reviews to gain customers and grow their business.

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Paid ads for restaurants explained

Our tech partnerships give us a leg up when it comes to planning and executing a paid ad campaign for your restaurant brand.

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How SEO and local search work for restaurants

Our SEO process is designed to ensure your website is search engine friendly by targeting keywords that align with your brand’s messaging in your local area.

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Do you have a strategy for your restaurant’s social marketing?

Effective use of social media marketing for restaurants requires a much different approach than any other industry. There is no plug-n-play approach.

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Restaurant website design that works for you restaurant websites are designed mobile-first and responsive, and run super-fast on any device.

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