What does content marketing mean to restaurants?

What does content marketing mean to restaurants?

By now most of us know what content marketing is — producing meaningful, shareable, valuable articles, tweets, videos, infographics, etc. to our blogs, website, social communities, and YouTube.

The definition of content marketing is broad. Let’s be specific for restaurants.

Understanding first that we know who our audience is — local customers we’re trying to reach — and where they live — on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (maybe), and NPR (maybe). How do we get started? There are several ways to talk their language.

Share recipes.

Aside from this strategy reaching the Food Network lovers, there’s a growing audience of gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian customers looking for their next favorite restaurant. Let that be you by sharing your recipes.

Share cool photos.

Everyone loves cool photos. If you’re not savvy with your iPhone, bring in someone who is. Taking and sharing photos of your dishes is too easy and a no-brainer. Don’t be lazy. Do it.

Share fun videos.

You have character (of some type 😊). Show it off. Talk about your food. Walk through the restaurant chatting with customers and employees. Show your online fans that you’re a regular friend down the street and that you’re passionate about creating extraordinary dishes for them.

Let’s do this!

Content marketing for restaurants is not rocket science. Yes, it takes strategy. Yes, it takes planning. Yes, it takes effort. But you can do it. Plus, your competition is being lazy these days, so this is another feather in your cap to separate yourself from them in the eyes of your customers. If you don’t have the time to make this happen, let’s talk. We can lay out the right plan and talk about how to make you stand out in your community.

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