June 1, 2023

Business of Restaurants

Let’s line up a time so you and I can chat. I’ll answer any questions you have on your restaurant business. Need assistance with establishing your brand? Need advice on understanding how to measure the success of your advertising dollars? Through the magic of technology, you can grab an hour of my time over Teams or Skype or Zoom (your choice) to establish a marketing strategy solid enough to make your competitors jealous. Let’s talk about your Restaurant Marketing Plan.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have a personal conversation to point you in the right direction and save you thousands on wasted time. Reach out now and let’s get down to business!

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Tricky Dick doesn’t live here

YouTube recently sent out a headline with the top ads its viewers watched. Is that because their algorithm forced the ad on us? It certainly is not because we get a choice in the ads we see.

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Do email newsletters perform for restaurants?

Email newsletter readership numbers are very high for specials announcements, event activities, new food dishes, and all-around badass food & cocktail photos.

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What are you doing? Content, man. Content.

Because you watched this video on keithparnell.com or YouTube or TikTok or Facebook Reels or Instagram Reels or Twitter or LinkedIn, you know who I am. You know I can help your business.

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Do people know your restaurant?

If you don’t put your face in front of people, how will they know your restaurant can serve them? Get out there. Spread the love. Spread your brand.

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Is Facebook out of fashion for Real Estate Agents?

The demo that’s consuming Facebook Reels today, buys expensive homes. Period. That’s it. Mic drop.

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Who should talk to your customer? Really? Duh!

Who should talk to your customer? Marketing. That’s it. That’s the answer. Call your marketing guy.

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