Real Estate 101: How to Reach Home Sellers

Real Estate 101: How to Reach Home Sellers

As a real estate agent, you will be told there are a thousand ways to reach home sellers. But are you seeing any of those real estate marketing tips working for you? No worries. Here are a few activities that will put you in the best position to bring in new clients.

Tell your story

Providing reviews written by past clients on your website will work wonders for googlers searching for a real estate agent. Note, I said, on your website. The best promotion you can find is positive reviews from those you’ve done business with. Don’t be shy about asking your past clients for a short write-up.

Establish your own website

Your domain ( Your logo. Your design. You want people to find you on your property so they can read all about you, see your listings, and most obviously not find it easy to one-click off to another agent.

Be active in the community

Let’s define community first. Thinking big picture, your community is your city, your neighborhood, your Instagram, your Facebook, your local radio stations, your local newspaper. Notice that community is not just a physical location. Your community is also your virtual location. Think big. Expand your horizons and be active in your community through blogging, posting to social, advertising in the newspaper, on radio, and in military periodicals.

Some of these strategies may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many real estate agents don’t bother with solid real estate marketing. Let’s work through these together and make sure you stand out in your community.