Is the MarTech Landscape Too Big?

Is the MarTech Landscape Too Big?

How much is too much in the MarTech world?

I’ve been reading through a State of Martech 2022 report put together by Scott Brinker of and Frans Riemersma of MartechTribe, plus a multitude of contributors from across the planet. I know. I know. Geeky stuff.

According to their research, there are now 9,932 MarTech solutions — up 24% from 2020. That’s almost 10,000 solutions for marketing professionals to filter through to determine the best solution(s) for their clients.

The positive side of this large number is throughout the many global MarTech companies that have arisen, many smaller MarTech solutions are present that specialize in serving their own local region and dedicated verticals, much like This means you and your business can reach out to the powerful, smart strategies right here at home and rest assured this experience and knowledge is on your side.

Feel free to click over to read through the report at your leisure. 🤓 Or just take me at my word that I have your business’ best interests at heart, so you can concentrate on running your business.

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