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Phishing vulnerability in cybersecurity

Phishing attacks come from scammers disguised as trustworthy sources and can facilitate access to all types of sensitive data. As technologies evolve, so do cyberattacks. Let’s talk about a couple of the most pervasive types of phishing.

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Password vulnerability in cybersecurity

A common tactic cybercriminals employ is to brute force their way into a network by guessing end-user credentials. It is important to understand best practices so that login information cannot be easily exploited to gain access to a computer or network.

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Amazon Music rocks the streaming world?

Amazon Music announced an upgrade from 2 million songs to 100 million (!) songs in their library.

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Cloud Security is the topic of the day

How deep do you get into understanding cybersecurity in your life? At your doctor’s office? With your hotel reservation? With your Starbucks order?

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Outlook for Android is getting better

There are not many quirks in the Outlook software but there are a few that get addressed in this update.

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LinkedIn attempts to skew younger

LinkedIn has added stickers to posts to hopefully drive more traffic. Seems a little out of character for them, but maybe it’ll intrigue someone?

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