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Let’s line up a time so you and I can chat. I’ll answer any questions you have on technology for your business. Need assistance with help desk, Wi-Fi, or general good practices for your business or home? Need advice on understanding Microsoft Outlook or Google Gmail? Through the magic of technology, you can grab an hour of my time over Teams or Skype or Zoom (your choice) to establish a strategy solid enough to make your competitors jealous. Let’s talk about your Technology Plan.

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Smooth Customer & Team Experience Through Technology

Many solutions enable customers to view food and cocktail menus online, make reservations, order and pay in advance, and allow management to advertise job openings and setup interviews.

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How much do you rely on your CRM?

Restaurants often lack the ability to extract value from data in their CRM and POS. Here’s how technology can help.

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Customers Require Technology & Human Touch

The perfect mix of human touch and technology can produce the perfect result of consumer satisfaction. Let’s get our strategies back inline with our aggressive thinking again.

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KP talking Jobs On The Fly

You’re nuts if you’re hiring for your restaurant, bar, café, or brewery and you don’t hop on this platform right now. Right now! Go to JOBSONTHEFLY.COM now.

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Why restaurants should have a database in their back pocket

Our marketing friends always tell us we should collect names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. from every customer we come in contact with. Here’s the why:

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Do you understand your customer? Really understand them?

Identifying vs Understanding your target audience: psychographic research is a much more in-depth market intelligence step in today’s marketing evolution.

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