3 things marketers can do to accelerate digital marketing transformation

Let first-party data be your guide
One of the most immediate changes that the pandemic caused is a surge in people going online to work, shop, connect with friends, and handle other everyday essentials. It also caused unexpected shifts in what people are buying and which brands they are buying from. Many brands are seeing an influx of first-time customers.

Connect your data to unlock audience insights and improve ROI
As consumer needs and behaviors change rapidly, the path to purchase is also in flux. This presents unique challenges that vary by industry and geography, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to adequately respond.

Prioritize cross-functional collaboration and strategic partnerships
Making better use of data isn’t solely a technical capability; there is an organizational component to it as well. Simply put, making the most out of your data requires talent with deep knowledge of how to use tools and provide insights.

For digital marketing teams that haven’t adopted agile frameworks and iterative fail-fast cultures, now is the time.

Becoming more digitally mature will ensure that your company has the technical and organizational muscle to support long-term success.

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Keith Parnell, CMO