Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Summertime

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Summertime

Summertime is fun with so many outdoor activities and community events. Luckily food fits right in with that fun. So, we have a great opportunity right now to offer mouthwatering specials and refreshing dishes to entice new customers.

Here are a few summertime ideas to boost revenue and to keep your brand on the tips of the community’s tongue.

Seasonal Menus. Create a dedicated summer menu featuring fresh, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients that capture the essence of summertime. Combinations of grilled meats and fresh veggies are ideal crowd-pleasers.

Thirst-quenching Deals. Combo deals that include chilled soft drinks, lemonades, light cocktails, or craft beers paired with appetizers like wings or cheese tots are cool-and-refreshing against soaring outside temps. Limited-time flavors are perfect to enhance the overall dining experience.

Family-friendly Specials. Don’t forget the children to include in any of your summer promotion ideas. By targeting the kiddos, Mom and Dad happily come along to spend, spend, spend. Discounts on kids meals spotlight your space as a fun and welcoming destination for family outings.

Outdoor Dining Adventures. There’s no doubt that having a fun outdoor dining option creates a competitive advantage. Set up inviting patio seating areas, decorate with colorful umbrellas and plants, and create a relaxed ambiance. Then use your social communities to promote the fun experience. Live music will enhance the atmosphere and make the dining experience memorable.

Social Media Connections. Umm. Need I say more? Take photos. Use them. Everywhere!

By offering seasonal menus, thirst-quenching deals, family-friendly specials, outdoor dining adventures, and social media connections, restaurants can create an atmosphere that largely appeals to community patrons. Embrace the spirit of summer and let your restaurant shine as a go-to destination for a slice of happiness under the sun.