How to react to Facebook Reviews

How to react to Facebook Reviews

For most small business customers, online reviews serve primarily as a research tool to help them determine which small business they should visit. Customers may also see reviews as a communication channel through which they can share their positive feedback and criticism. Overall, online reviews are a beneficial resource for consumers.

So what does this mean for your small business? It might be easy to assume that online reviews are a liability, and frequently they are. Small business owners don’t have control over what is posted online, and it can sometimes feel like unhappy customers are the most vocal.

In fact, Facebook review management benefits small businesses as well as customers. With the right reputation management strategy, small business owners can use online reviews to gain customers and grow their business.

Facebook reviews are relatively easy to solicit and will be updated on an ongoing basis. A large supply and high frequency of new reviews gives Facebook the data it needs to understand how your small business operates, and frequent reviews will tell Facebook that your small business is active. Overall, Facebook review management with helps demonstrate expertise, authority, and authenticity — three attributes which Facebook highly values.

Engaging with existing customers in the review space can lead to increased customer retention and create the most loyal of customers. Responding to reviews strengthens the customer-business relationship and demonstrates your commitment to customer service. Reputation Management campaigns are a proven commodity for every small business in the community.

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