Blogging is boring. Why do it?

Blogging is boring. Why do it?

Yea, yea, yea. A lot of people agree that blogging is boring. But it depends on your perspective.

There are two digital media activities that excel above most for true business results — blogging and email marketing. I know they’re not the most fun to make happen, but there’s no contesting their success.

National Typewriter DaySo, if your perspective is business success and reaching the largest strategic target audience, blogging and email marketing should be at the top of your list of activities.

That’s it. Period. Bottom line. Mic drop. Whatever dynamic gesture you want to put on it, success takes work, real work, and not always the fun work. Blogging is boring.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are few reasons why organizations should blog:

  • To interact with clients and potential clients.
  • To build your verifiable authority on specialty topics.
  • To announce the launch of a new project.
  • To build brand awareness.
  • To address reputation management issues (I could talk at length about the increased value of blogging to handle and manage(!) negative press).
  • To build trust and alliances with your target audience.
  • To provide almost real-time feedback about strategies, products, and future initiatives.
  • To generate a viral buzz about a product or topic.

So, you see? Blogging is good. Yes, it can be time intensive and definitely addicting if you get the fever. But what better way is there to network and build your web of trusted individuals and organizations? Answer: none.

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