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US expansion

Expansion of the United States

I can’t stop watching the progression of the reorganization of the American lands. It’s sad to watch our Native American land loss. More fascinating would have
TDCHR Board Meeting

TDCHR Board Meeting @ Hampton Roads Transit

The Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads Board meeting is today at 1pm @ Hampton Roads Transit. The Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads is HRT’s
C++ Programming Language

What does C++ Programming Language mean?

Here’s a great definition of the C++ Programming Language that I just ran across. More to add? “C++ is a general-purpose object-oriented programming (OOP) language, developed
CNU Baseball

New CNU Baseball Gear

The new Christopher Newport University baseball winter gear has arrived. I’m ready for spring baseball! The experience of playing college sports never leaves you, even nearly
National Bagel Day & National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

The Ultimate Temptation Day

January 15th is National Bagel Day & National Strawberry Ice Cream Day. How are you celebrating? Check out KEITHPARNELL.COM/FOOD-DRINK-HOLIDAYS for more fun food and drink holidays.
Delta SkyMiles American Express

Why did you pick that hotel?

You’re going on vacation, or you’re going on a business trip. You care about where you stay, whether it’s for comfort, amenities, rewards, or location. What
Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Clark Jr, Eric Clapton

Where do I watch music videos today?

I’m watching a dynamite feature on Gary Clark, Jr. on CBS Sunday Morning. He’s a great blues/rock/soul guitar player, by the way. Check him out if
Caius baseball

Caius baseball @ 1 year old

The man is ready. He has his first baseball glove. He’s catching, tossing, and loves it! We’re half way there. 🙂 #grandbabiesrock #captain4life #CNUBaseball #BravesSouthpaw
King Tuck @ Dog & Cat Hospital

No Fun Zone @ Dog & Cat Hospital

King Tuck escaped from Dog & Cat Hospital with relatively little pain and a bit of irritation in the rear-end department. I don’t think I’ve ever