Who has time to listen to podcasts anymore?

Keith Parnell

Let’s explore the explosion of podcasts over the past few years. There is a podcast somewhere for almost any topic you can think of. There’s definitely no lack of recorded talking heads rambling on for an hour(s) about their favorite hobby / habit / invention / sport.

Their podcast may be interesting. And it probably is because they’re interesting. But let’s be realistic about their listeners.

If I listen to your podcast, and the person’s next to you, and the person’s next to them, and the person’s next to them, who’s going to get all the work done? I mean, really. Do you know anyone that just listens to podcasts all day and is still a productive member of society? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not dissing podcasters. I’m just saying that saturation critical mass is long past.

It’s just not physically possible for the published analytics on listeners to be accurate. People aren’t listening in the vast quantities that the podcast platforms are bragging on. Sorry. Not sorry.

Now, leave me alone. I need to tune into Seth’s podcast. 😏

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