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They make us better people!

They make us better people!

I dare you to watch this one and try to not shed a tear. "Poppie, you need to wear your seatbelt because I would die for you."
Keith Parnell

Are you a theater person anymore?

I saw a commercial recently for a movie that looked very intriguing. But it was coming to "a theater near you." Really? Do theaters still exist? Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu have certainly changed us.
Keith Parnell

Are you a popular streamer?

If your streaming service isn't grabbing at least 1% (doesn't make this chart), don't get attached. You'll be forced to change soon.
Keith Parnell

Dies Ist Eine Wahre Geschichte

This is a true story. None of this really happened.
Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys rules the day

Trailer Park Boys is the worst disaster ever. And I can't say goodbye.

Netflix price rises, Paramount+ and Peacock pay the price

A streaming service must provide good value. Don't take months off from producing new shows and movies. Your old-school mentality won't make it in our home NBC and CBS.