Tips for Your Restaurant Photoshoot

Tips for Your Restaurant Photoshoot

Congratulations! You’ve scheduled a photoshoot for your restaurant. You are well on your way to building a cohesive brand that will shine for your community! Now, how to make this happen effectively … read on for our restaurant photoshoot tips.

Use Natural Sunlight

The #1 rule in restaurant photography is to go to the natural light. Get near a window if you need to, but be well aware that natural light is your best friend. Remember also that flash photos will create harsh reflections and uncontrollable shadows and glares. Never use a flash on your camera or phone for food photos. A ring light will do just fine to supplement that natural light.

fresh water on restaurant tableIncorporate Depth of Field

Don’t be shy about using the natural backgrounds in the restaurant. Highlight the food dish as the main focal point setting it on a (clean) table cloth with a flower setting or wall art in the background. Your restaurant’s beautiful logo on the wall will also give great depth to the shot.

Work within a Color Scheme

In order to fully capture the essence of your restaurant, shoot dishes that work within that restaurant’s color scheme. This will reinforce the brand for your customers. In addition, to keep things bright and fresh, pull colored flowers from tables around you. Color pops. Use it to your advantage.

Mix the Angles of Photos

Not all foods are created equal. It’s why some dishes look better from overhead and some look better from odd angles. Flat foods, such as pizza, generally do better from overhead. Burgers and sandwiches do much better from the side so you can show off the delicious protein and colorul vegetables and toppings. Cocktails generally do better from near-45° angles.

Show Off Your Restaurant with these Photoshoot Tips

One of the great things about food photography is that many rules can be modified to suit your specific needs. Do you want to show off your restaurant’s beautiful décor and scenic views? Try incorporating elements of your restaurant in the placement photos so that customers have a better sense of your overall vibe.

The foundation of any restaurant is delicious food and excellent service, but attracting customers to experience your restaurant requires professional-grade restaurant food photography. With a few simple and effective food photography techniques like these, you can achieve a solid brand that represents you well.

Food photography is essential to any restauranteur’s marketing plan. Make it a part of yours, and you’ll see the payoff much sooner than you think.