Human-centered design: Why it’s time to launch your Digital Workplace

Reasons to Launch Your Digital Workplace

Digital workplaces increase productivity

The digital workplace definition tells us that digital workplaces increase productivity by streamlining multiple workflow components into a single hub. But while this is a core part of the technology, it’s not the only way digital workplaces will help your employees be more productive. In fact, there is a long list of new and emerging digital workplace features that you’re probably missing out on.

Digital workplaces improve employee engagement

Employee engagement is strongly correlated with many areas of overall company success. A Gallup study found that highly engaged employees led to a 17% increase in productivity, 21% greater profitability, and 59% lower turnover. Yet at least half of the workforce is not currently engaged. Digital workplaces provide many solutions to improve employee engagement. For example, digital workplace company KP Innovation Lab designed its solution specifically to drive employee engagement through visual communications and customizable displays. This type of design encourages employees to participate by interacting with content, tracking goals, and staying connected to the rest of the workforce.

Digital workplaces bring remote employees together

If you don’t already work remotely at least some of the time, you probably will soon. By some estimates, 70% of global professionals work remotely at least once per week. Most experts agree that remote work will only become more common as time goes on. By launching a digital workplace, you’ll be ahead of the game as the global workforce trends towards remote work.

Digital workplaces are easy to implement

If you’ve made it this far, you might have one final concern: This all sounds great, but how much time and money will it take to set up? The answer is that it doesn’t take much of either. Digital workplaces are incredibly easy to get up and running. In fact, KP Innovation Lab found that implementation of its digital workplace software, the KPIL Toolset, took just one fourth the amount of time that it took to implement Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. If that wasn’t enough, the average two-year budget of KP Innovation Lab customers is cut in half following digital workspace launch.

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