Who cares about Daylight Saving Time?

Keith Parnell

I’m not real sure why all the big fuss with Daylight Saving Time.

Does DST really mess with your internal clock?

By the way, there’s no “s” at the end of “Saving” — Daylight Saving Time.

What are your thoughts on DST?

DST wasn’t officially introduced in the US until 1918, during World War I. It was part of the Standard Time Act, a measure intended to save on fuel costs by adding an extra hour of sunlight to the day. Ours was not the only country to adopt daylight saving time during the summer months; in fact, several European countries involved in the war did the same, for similar cost-saving purposes. Consumerism also played a role, as Americans were more likely to shop if there was still light out when they left work.

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