Think Instant Messaging + Emails + Group Texting

KPIL Messaging App

The way Modern Companies do business. KPIL Messaging App. Your KPIL Messaging App provides your business with a method of communication that is reliable, convenient, and down-right easy to use. Secure message transfer in the cloud means 24/7 availability from anywhere.

Business is global. Your employees work from the office, from home, and from the road. Timely, effective, and efficient communications are vital to the success of any business. The problem that is created by the need for this type of communication is that our current mediums of communication are unreliable.

Can your business afford to have an important email delivered to the recipient’s spam folder? Can your business afford to be out of the cellular service network? Can your business be dependent on unreliable text messaging? Umm, no!

Think Instant Messaging + Emails + Group Texting. Your KPIL Messaging App is the one solution, in one place, on all devices, for everyone.

Your KPIL Messaging App is the total solution to your business’ communications problem. With a reliable and secure, 24/7 app, your team stays “in the know.” With our historical timeline of messages, you always have a record of communication. Say goodbye to the old way of chatting and say hello to the new, more productive, and efficient way to do business.

Most other apps on the KPIL platform fully integrate with the Messaging App.