Threads Strategy, for now

Threads Strategy, for now

There’s no doubt that Threads is a massive hit with millions of new sign-ups in the first few days after launch.

There’s no doubt the launch of Threads, a Meta (Instagram) product, got under Elon’s (of Twitter fame in this case) skin.

There’s no doubt … wait there is doubt … what is this thing supposed to do for us?

It’s a very simple bulletin board system. Remember those from the old days?

It has no special talent or features.

At this point, outside of just making sure you have an account, it seems there is no value to us and that it’ll be a complete time suck with no return on investment.

Maybe someday we’ll be able to leverage its value with the sheer volume of eyeballs floating around it. But for today, Threads is what it is … eh.

But hey, I have a Threads account. Friend me. *big cheeseball smile*