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They make us better people!

They make us better people!

I dare you to watch this one and try to not shed a tear. "Poppie, you need to wear your seatbelt because I would die for you."
Keith Parnell

Why did we ever put social icons on our websites? [video]

Why send traffic to the social communities that we've worked hard to bring to our domain? #questionthenorm
Does market intelligence fit in the restaurant world?

Does market intelligence fit in the restaurant world?

Paying customer patterns can be gleaned from the right studies with the right questions of the right people, our customers and lost customers.
Quick-n-Dirty Do's & Don't's for Social Media Marketing

Quick-n-Dirty Do’s & Don’t’s for Social Media Marketing

We want consumers to like you, be attracted to you, and be willing to spend their money with you. Let's have a conversation about your social media marketing.
people wear facemasks while waiting for their coffee

Your brand will thank you for networking in-person

If you breakdown what social networking actually means, you'll understand that the platforms on the internet are just that -- platforms. Think of your community as another platform, one that you can't afford to forget that can gain you exposure that you'll never get on the internet.