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Outdoor Brews & Wine @ Cova Brewing in East Beach

Outdoor Brews & Wine @ Cova Brewing in East Beach

Cova Brewing has become a favorite spot in our neighborhood to hang out in the fresh air with brews, wine, coffee, and food trucks. Let me know how you enjoyed them after you visit.
Keith Parnell

How to jack-up a Monday … [video]

Don't stir your coffee before leaving the house. Monday. Done.
Keith Parnell

Who gets coffee’d out?

"It's perfect for when you're coffee'd out." What? Who does that?
cup of coffee at Jobs On The Fly office

Coffee is life, and don’t forget it

A 20-person office drinks 62 cups of coffee a day. That's a lot of perky people.
Bus & Bean Coffee

It’s a Bus & Bean Coffee kinda day

I'm starting my day of right with our buds at Bus & Bean Coffee. This dark roast from Honduras was just what I needed this morning. Have you ordered yours yet?