Why, Google Keith?

Some days are better than others. And some days are exponentially better than those better days. 😁

I received a solid compliment recently: “We need a ‘Google Keith‘ YouTube channel around here for all the questions we ask and solutions you give.“ 😊 Thanks, Dave!

What does Brand Exposure mean?

As marketers, we spend many hours each week on content marketing — articles, photos, imagery, videos, etc. But once our ad content is published, the work has just begun. Tracking brand exposure data, that is who is seeing us and where they live, is imperative to achieving our marketing and sales goals. This helps us plan our next steps and keeps us on track with publishing data efficiently giving us the most brand exposure.

I recently ran deep-dive marketing numbers for a restaurant group client. I like using restaurant data because, hey, everyone goes to restaurants. 😎 And everyone searches restaurants on Google and Instagram (notice I didn’t say Facebook, hint-hint). Hence, we get a nice cross-section of habits of the general public. Here are the results:

  • 29.99% of our exposure is on Instagram.
  • 25.23% of our exposure is on Google My Business (Google search results of articles published on our websites / blogs*, local SEO).
  • 17.97% of our exposure is through Email Newsletters (sourced from articles published on our websites / blogs*).
  • 15.86% of our exposure is on Facebook (click here to see why FB is so low on the list).
  • 6.44% of our exposure is on Twitter.
  • 4.52% of our exposure is on our websites / blogs*.

What brand exposure effort stands out to you?

First, we can kinda ignore the 4.52% for the website / blogs. We’re never going to discontinue those efforts because these articles are the root of most everything we do. Note the asterisks* that tie our high exposure Google efforts and Email Newsletter efforts to the blog articles.

One of the fun things I get to do as a marketer is to be surprised by my data. 🤔 When trends truly begin to change (not when the media says they change), such as Instagram taking over the top spot and IG and Google blowing out the other mediums, I get excited. I’m mainly excited because I know my data is solid, but also excited because most people have no idea. Hence again, my point of difference!

Are you just throwing stuff on the wall to see what sticks? Are you listening to those people in your office tell you what’s cool today with no data to back their crapola? Yea, I thought so. Let’s get together and talk about your marketing efforts.

Back to the Google Keith brand …

My passions are fairly easy to identify:

  1. Family.
  2. KP brand.
  3. Helping “brands” expose their brand to the community.
  4. College football. Roll Tide! 😁

How can I help you succeed?