ACS is a sinkhole

Keith Parnell

A group of old white guys was sitting around a conference room table in early 1913.

One of them says, “let’s start a non-profit that takes donations but never produces anything or resolves any issues.

One of the men pipe up and ask, “for how long do we take in money but do nothing?

Several of them respond with, “forever, of course.

Vote: 10 yays. 0 nays.

One of the men ask, “what do we call our new scam?

Another man spouts, “American Cancer Society.”

Great name.” “I like that.” “Everyone will think we’re really doing something.

Vote: 10 yays. 0 nays.

And that’s how it all began — the great scam to fool the American people. And it still thrives today taking people’s money, acting like they’re working hard, and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

American Cancer Society: The Big Sinkhole.