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(Michael) Keith Parnell is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Brand Consultant, Technology Visionary, and a Keynote Public Speaker. He was a successful Chief Executive Officer & Strategy Chief of JASE Group LLC, an innovative Creative Advertising & Technology Agency, a company he founded in 1997.

Keith is the Virginia Governor’s Appointed Commissioner representing the City of Norfolk to the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads (Hampton Roads Transit’s Governing Board), is President and serves on the Board of Managers of the Cosmopolitan Club of Norfolk Virginia, and serves on the Board of Directors of Transit Management Company. In the past, Keith served on the Board of Directors of Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance, as Chief Information Officer for Stratum Marketing, and as Deputy Chief Technology Officer for The AUTOMARK Group.

Having served in leadership roles for over 20 years, Keith is a self-motivated leader in company operations and all aspects of the business vision. He has in-depth experience in developing strategies for clients and scoping projects in sales, marketing, advertising, and information technology. He is a successful leader in growth strategy engagements, brand strategies, marketing/advertising initiatives, and communications efforts. He has strong and proven experience and skill in business level strategies and brand reflection with a positive attitude, exceptional drive, a success focus, and is able to seamlessly align with core values of the organization.


  • Developing budgets for marketing, advertising, and communications initiatives
  • Leading market intelligence initiatives through identification, outline, research, and analysis
  • Developing and managing marketing plans and strategies, and overseeing team implementation
  • Planning and managing advertising campaigns with the creative and tech teams with implementation across a variety of industries
  • Developing and overseeing implementation of local and national public relations, media relations, communications programs, and community events
  • Guiding the design, development, and maintenance of websites with the purpose of brand identity/exposure, lead generation, and communications tool
  • Leading the development of social media marketing campaigns guided by market research and driven by smart technology
  • Leading market research for service and product launches, marketing, and brand initiatives
  • Directing sales and business development strategy and implementation
  • Leading the analysis of specific marketing activities that exposes the dynamic brand components of the organization
  • Working directly as a peer with the President, Vice President, C-level Officers, and business owner clients
  • Leading the analysis of information, researching data, and communicating succinctly and intelligently
  • Crafting successful solutions and garnering commitment for ongoing strategies
  • Leading the development of strategic planning and direction, including successfully managing a complex book of business
  • Leading internal teams of all disciplines including, but not limited to, creative, finance, marketing, project management, and technology
  • Through daily leadership, having strong analytical and interpersonal skills with proven ability to influence and negotiate complex situations

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