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Check in @JASEgroup on 24 Apr 2015, 6A

Check in @ JASE Studio, NORFOLK VA: Today is Pig in a Blanket Day. Yes! Honey, I know what I want for dinner.

Pig in a Blanket

Check in @JASEgroup on 23 Apr 2015, 7A

Check in @ JASE Studio, NORFOLK VA: Today is Lover’s Day. Not really sure what that means, but here’s a shout-out anyway to my beautiful wife. I love you, Nicole!

lovers day

Chasin Pollen

Chasin’ pollen on a sunny day. That should be a country song.


I enjoyed our chat. Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, April 13-19

Several people asked me last week about our weekly recap newsletters. Why talk personal? Why talk business? Why mix them in the same conversation? If you know me on any level, you know that JASE is my life and my life is JASE. For starters, the company name “JASE” comes from my two daughters’ initials, hence the all caps. Second, our personal lives are intimately intertwined with company business. No matter how large we have grown over the years (since 1997), JASE will always be a family business that cares about our clients and welcomes them as part of our family.

So there you go. That’s the reason we talk our complete world in the same conversation. It’s all the same–and it’s all good. Speaking of . . . have you stopped by the Studio for coffee or tea lately? We’re here all week so stop by. Let’s talk. If you can’t make it this week, be sure to tweet me here and let me know how things are going. I’m having a blast hearing from many of you.

Monday, April 13th

  • Sometimes I feel like I preach this too much. But then questions come up and I feel like I don’t preach it enough. Content marketing is today’s SEO. I need to trademark that statement. Cameron worked a while on Monday on quality content marketing for several clients, including Gordy EyeCare of Phenix City, AL and also Janney Insurance Agency of Yorktown & Chesapeake, VA. A successful business on the Internet cannot have enough solid content on their blog, Facebook page, Twitter timeline, LinkedIn Company page, etc.
  • The creative team worked through several new design comps for our Restaurant Marketing System. Good stuff. Man, really nice designs. Our kids rock!
  • I followed up with my doctor on Monday afternoon checking blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol and all that cool stuff that’s going to keep me around for a while. I’ve promised my family that I’ll be here until at least 94 years old. And I intend to make good on that promise. When was the last time you had a thorough checkup?
  • We delivered drafts of exterior door signage art to Karla at Hampton Mental Health Associates in Hampton, VA. Walt has done a really nice job with this overall brand makeover for the company.
  • Our tech team continued working on two new apps for Todd at Williamsburg Coffee & Tea in Williamsburg, VA. I know that I brag on our creative team a lot, but our software engineers and data team are dynamite. Led by David, these guys are good!

Tuesday, April 14th

  • I had to make another phone call to the billing department at Cox Business Services on Tuesday morning. These guys. I’m not sure about these guys. First they tried to bill us for a service call when their equipment failed outside of our building. Then they forgot to refund the charges. So I had to call them again to ask them to post the credit. Where is the competition? I detest that there is a monopoly in our area for this tech service for small business. Okay, I’m off my soapbox now. :)
  • Cameron and I met with Laura and Jocelyn of MyBizPPL at The Studio to discuss partnerships that would benefit both of our companies. These are some cool ladies with fabulous, creative ideas for the Hampton Roads small business market. Let me know if you need an introduction. I’ll be more than happy to set that up.
  • The creative team delivered design comps to Russ at Dirty Buffalo in Norfolk, VA. These bad boys are awesome. I can’t wait to see this new website live on the Internet. Their customer base is going to be ecstatic.
  • Big news! We received an signed Agreement from La Bella in Ghent in Norfolk, VA. We are now their official Creative Advertising Agency of Record. Nicole and I have been a big fan of Andrea’s cooking for many years, and now we get the privilege of working with them. Fun.
  • We had a Board of Managers meeting for the Cosmopolitan Club of Norfolk on Tuesday evening. The Board met at The Reynolds’ beautiful home in West Ghent where we were served filet mignon and also desserts from Chocollage Bakery in Downtown Norfolk. With such a delicious dinner, I almost forgot that we were there to fight diabetes together. :)

Wednesday, April 15th

  • I met with Mark and Tom of FitBox365 early Tuesday morning at Panera Bread in Chesapeake, VA to discuss branding and marketing strategies for the new venture. We are very excited to be working with this talented, experienced and intelligent team.
  • We published a new social article, 5 Microsoft Excel Features You May Not Know About ( on Wednesday. I sent the link out to a few of my bean-counter (and oh-so-freakin-smart)  friends, but I’m sure they thought me juvenile since I’m sure they already knew about these features. :)
  • Cameron and I had a wonderful conversation at The Studio with Deany of Executive Events in Norfolk, VA. The discovery session was perfect timing since we will be working a few joint projects. She is a very passionate and driven businesswoman and it was a pleasure to share the time with her.
  • Most of you know that Nicole is an accountant, specifically she is a Manager in the Retirement Plan Services division at McPhillips, Roberts & Deans PLC in Norfolk, VA. To celebrate tax day, I met her and our friend Christie after work at Press 626 for wine and appetizers. We had so much fun at this cool little spot in Ghent.

Thursday, April 16th

  • We published another social article, Office 365 Supports Up To 150 MB Email Attachments ( on Thursday from the tech team. If you aren’t already subscribed with your RSS reader, make sure you don’t miss these announcements on our blog.
  • Our PR Team published the press release to the media announcing our new La Bella in Ghent partnership. We received several replies and correspondences from the media push. Love it. Our public relations team is tops!
  • Denise worked through several design comps for upcoming May ads for Nathan & Maurice at Nathan’s Lynnhaven Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach. Her work with Cameron each month is amazing. I anxiously look forward to seeing their new ideas when they hit my desk.

Friday, April 17th

  • To follow-up on the press release publication on Thursday, we published a similar social article, We Are Excited That La Bella in Ghent Signed With JASE Group as Their Advertising Agency of Record (, to that audience. Thank you everyone for reading our social activities on the Internet. I’m astounded at how many loyal followers we have and how many of you actively engage with us on and offline.
  • It’s Friday, right? Friday means fun-day. Kevin of Coelacanth Brewing and I went to La Bella in Ghent for lunch after he gave me a tour of the new Coelacanth brewery facility in Ghent. I can’t wait to taste his new brews when they go into production around August.
  • The marketing team worked through several of our pay-per-click accounts for Nathan’s Lynnhaven Pawn Shop, Janney Insurance Agency, and Dragas Companies. Weekly maintenance and upgrades are vital to their successes.

Saturday, April 18th

  • Nicole, Cassidy and I made off to South County High School in Lorton, VA on Saturday morning. We were there to cheer on Delaney’s Gildersleeve Middle School of Newport News, VA Odyssey of The Mind team competing in the State Competition. They did so well representing their region after winning the Regional Competition a few weeks ago.

Sunday, April 19th

  • Proud Uncle here (pointing at my chest). Nicole and I joined the rest of our family at City Life Church in Williamsburg, VA to celebrate Cassidy’s public profession of faith and baptism. I am so very proud of this young lady and all she has accomplished personally.
  • Our family had lunch Sunday afternoon at 2nd Street Cafe in Williamsburg. The best part of that–we got some quality Poppie & GCole time with Jeri. Being a grandparent is the most grounding and special feeling a person can enjoy. I think I have found my calling in life. :)

Our JASE Restaurants Marketing System is booming. If you’re a restaurant owner and want to know more, head over to the landing page. Or if you want to make a little money on the side, do like Matt did and refer your favorite restaurant. When they sign up, you make cash. Sweet deal.

I hope you guys have a great rest of this week. Stop in for coffee or tea at The Studio (click here for directions). I’m available any time.

Keep your chin up, your eyes bright, and your ears open–you never know when a juicy bit of knowledge will come flying at you.

Your friend in Christ,

Keith Parnell

Check in @JASEgroup on 20 Apr 2015, 7A

Check in @ JASE Studio, NORFOLK VA: Today is Patriot’s Day. What is that, you ask? Patriot’s Day commemorates the beginning of the Revolutionary War, our freedom fight from Britain: the Battle of Lexington & Concord on April 19, 1775.

Battle of Lexington & Concord

Check in @CityLifeVA on 19 Apr 2015, 11A

Check in @ City Life Church, WILLIAMSBURG VA: Gettin our church on and celebrating Cassidy’s baptism.

Check in @ South County High School on 18 Apr 2015, 12P

Check in @ South County High School, LORTON VA: Excited to be at Delaney’s Odyssey of The Mind State Competition.


My Prize Has Arrived

Lovin’ some Amazon Prime right now. I ordered Jack Welch’s new book, The Real-Life MBA, yesterday. And our UPS guy delivered my copy this afternoon. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

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Keith Parnell
JASE Group, LLC | @jasegroup


Check in @JASEgroup on 17 Apr 2015, 7A

Check in @ JASE Studio, NORFOLK VA: Today is a multitude of cool days that I can get behind. Which is your choice of celebration today? Bat Appreciation Day. Blah Blah Blah Day. National Cheeseball Day.

Blah Blah Blah

Dinner By The Firepit

We are enjoying dinner by the firepit tonight — the calm before the storm of a busy weekend.


KISS Army?

A KISS Army fan in 2015? Really? Their music is not that good. I mean, I liked them in the 70s, but then I moved past 15 years old.


Check in @ Norfolk Yacht & Country Club on 16 Apr 2015, 12P

Check in @ Norfolk Yacht & Country Club, NORFOLK VA: Fighting diabetes with the Cosmopolitan Club.


The Real-Life MBA by Jack & Suzy Welch

THE MAN is back again with another book, The Real-Life MBA, Your No-BS Guide to Winning the Game, Building a Team, and Growing Your Career. Jack and Suzy Welch are on CNBC this morning on a book tour. I will be reading this one. Will you?

The Real-Life MBA by Jack & Suzy Welch

Check in @PaneraBread on 15 Apr 2015, 7A

Check in @ Panera Bread, CHESAPEAKE VA: Talking branding strategies with the FitBox365 team. Good morning!


Check in @ Reynolds Castle on 14 Apr 2015, 6P

Check in @ Reynolds Castle, NORFOLK VA: Cosmopolitan Club Board of Managers meeting. Fighting diabetes together!

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Keith Parnell (@parnellk63)

Check in @ Hague Medical Center on 13 Apr 2015, 2P

Check in @ Hague Medical Center, NORFOLK VA: BP check-up.

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Keith Parnell (@parnellk63)

Weekly Recap from The JASE Studio, April 6-12 – I look forward to seeing you this week.

A 4:30A journey to the office this morning gave me lots of time to reflect, because . . . well, I was the only one on the road. Last week was a sad week for our family while attending Nicole’s Nanny’s funeral out of town. Although it was exciting to see so many family members that we rarely get to enjoy. And the week at The Studio was amazing. I know–that’s a bit emotional. But, holy cow, between new clients coming onboard and so many exciting projects going on, I can hardly contain myself. :)

How was your week? I want to hear about it–Tweet me here and give me the deets.

Monday, April 6th

  • We delivered the final corporate logo design to Karla at Hampton Mental Health Associates as part of a major rebranding project. Walt did a fabulous job with creative.
  • Cameron attended a pre-bid meeting for an RFP that we are answering for a government-funded agency in Williamsburg. I can’t give too many details, of course, but this one is near and dear to my heart.
  • Cameron continued his amazing content marketing work for Janney Insurance Agency of Yorktown and Chesapeake and also for Gordy EyeCare of Phenix City, AL. Knowing that content marketing is today’s SEO, these tasks are critical to our client successes.
  • The first Monday of the month brings one of my not-so-fun tasks: project-to-billing flowdowns. We do have a very cool and very efficient custom-created software system that our team created for this monthly feat. But financials is just not my cup-o-tea.
  • The marketing team delivered monthly Client Performance Reports to each of our subscribed clients. If you don’t receive this very valuable report from your support team, you’re missing out!
  • The NCAA March Madness National Championship Game was Monday night. Did you catch the Duke win?
  • Our tech team continued their hard work on a couple of new apps for Todd at Williamsburg Coffee & Tea in Williamsburg. Our .NET software engineers are the best.

Tuesday, April 7th

  • We received great news from Andrea at La Bella in Ghent of Norfolk that the restaurant will be joining the JASE family. Welcome aboard team!

Wednesday, April 8th

  • Early on Wednesday morning Cameron met with Joe at Philly Style Steaks & Subs of Norfolk and Iggles Cheesesteaks & Burgers of Virginia Beach. He came back to The Studio with a smile on his face and more great news that Joe’s two teams will also be joining the JASE family. Welcome aboard teams!
  • We launched a new social article, Apple Watch Review: Will You Be Purchasing One? ( Be sure to check it out. I would love to see your feedback on the Apple Watch.
  • Nicole and I left for her Nanny’s funeral in Atkins on Wednesday afternoon. Although this was a sad trip, what a very beautiful drive through the mountains of Southwestern Virginia.

Thursday, April 9th

  • Cameron attended the Stand Up 4 Transportation Rally at the Hampton Roads Transit Transfer Station in Newport News. The crowd was filled with dignitaries, government officials, and many local business leaders. Contacts. Contacts. Contacts.
  • Our marketing team ran a mobility analysis scan on our JASE and JASE client web entities preparing for an upcoming Google algorithm change. What? You haven’t heard about it? It’s time you sign up with JASE to take care of these details for you. :)
  • Nicole and I got the hang out with our family Thursday evening after the funeral. We had dinner at Macado’s in Marion with about 15 of them and then met for drinks with Scott, Angi, Carl, and Uncle Richard at 27 Lions there in Marion. We had so much fun seeing them–I wish we could do it more often.

Friday, April 10th

  • We launched a new social article, Online Advertising & Newspaper Advertising for Nathan’s Lynnhaven Pawn Shop (, on Friday. Did you see the new artwork for the ad concepts?
  • Our marketing team continued their great pay-per-click work for Nathan’s Lynnhaven Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach, Janney Insurance Agency in Yorktown and Chesapeake, and Dragas Companies in Virginia Beach. Money. I love it when we make money for our clients.
  • Nicole and I (mainly Nicole) were showered with love from close friends (Jen & Brian, Laura & Frank, Christie & Jon) by bringing dinner for the crew to the house Friday evening. Good friends, good food and the firepit always make for a good time.

Sunday, April 12th

  • Did you watch The Masters final on Sunday? How about that Jordan Speith?
  • Our Sunday was mainly filled with yard work and cleaning the siding on the house. The weather this weekend was awesome.

I have to give a plug to our newest initiative, JASE Restaurants. We’ve been honored with a few new clients in the program already and would love to see you or your favorite restaurant hop onboard.

I hope you guys have a great rest of this week. Stop in for coffee or tea at The Studio (click here for directions). I’m available any time.

Keep your chin up, your eyes bright, and your ears open–you never know when a juicy bit of knowledge will come flying at you.

Your friend in Christ,

JASE on brick wall

Check in @JASEgroup on 13 Apr 2015, 5A

Check in @ JASE Studio, NORFOLK VA: Today is Scrabble Day. I’m pretty sure that my Monday will not consist of playing Scrabble, but good try Hasbro.


Watching The Masters #JASEgolf

All PGA tournament winners over the past few years should give Tiger Woods half of their earnings to thank him for falling off the face of the earth.

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Keith Parnell (@parnellk63)


Visiting Nicole’s Nanny and Mom one last time. Sad.


Check in @JASEgroup on 8 Apr 2015, 8A

Check in @ JASE Studio, NORFOLK VA: Today is Draw A Picture Of A Bird Day. Huh? I’m not sure what to do with that except to draw a picture of a bird.

how to draw a picture of a bird

Check in @JASEgroup on 7 Apr 2015, 8A

Check in @ JASE Studio, NORFOLK VA: Today marks the 16th anniversary of my Dad’s passing. No man could hold a candle to his Christian faith, his love for his wife, children and grandchildren, and his love of our United States. What a great man he was!

circa 1995