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They make us better people!

They make us better people!

I dare you to watch this one and try to not shed a tear. "Poppie, you need to wear your seatbelt because I would die for you."
Keith Parnell

Sometimes it’s just life [video]

We took a few hours away this afternoon to attend our niece's high school girls softball game between Hampton Christian and Norfolk Christian at Lakewood Park. Personal vs Business brand-building.
Keith Parnell

How do you have time to create content? [video]

Here's the simple answer, I do it. Yea, that's it. I just do it. Any time. All the time.
Welcome to keithparnell.com

Welcome to keithparnell.com! [video]

Thanks for visiting me at keithparnell.com. I'm really excited you're here. Feel free to look around at the types of services and clients I have fun with every day. I love understanding your activities, understanding your target audience, and…