My reward for being the good guy …

My reward for being the good guy

Being the responsible good son hardly ever pays off, does it?

Don’t take this as a negative, because I love my Mom and would do anything for her, obviously, for those that know me.

But my reward for this stressful weekend of caretaking is getting exposed to Covid at Brownie’s hospital 90 minutes away from my home, away from my wife, away from my children, away from my work.

I can’t even use sarcasm here. This just sucks!

Who is who?

  • Mom is an 82-year-old heart attack victim (2 weeks ago) and victim of not-so-fun dementia who can’t drive or live by herself as of this recent cardio event. We are moving her in with us.
  • Brownie is her 92-year-old husband (my Dad passed away of cancer 24 years ago) who is in hospice care at home, cannot care for himself, and in the midst of being placed in a long-term care home. This 4-day hospital stay is the real beginning of the end. Again, sucks!

My babies have been so crazy amazing throughout this 12-month process. Nicole. Jennifer. Sydni. Cameron. Mike. I love you immensely. I thank you a thousand times over for everything.