How do you know that’s true? Are you data-driven?

How do you know that's true?

When your creative director says, that’s how we do it, or your boss says, we made money doing this last time. Do you check the data?

Do you make sure the efforts of your marketing team are based on data and result in success?

I was recently asked to gather case studies of marketing campaigns that I’ve run in the past. There was a legitimate reason for the ask, so I did.

But while reviewing historical campaigns and the results, I realized that a better question would have been, can you show how you determined the results of your marketing efforts? Or can you show what you learned through the resulting data?

I understand that most marketing executives still do not live in my data-driven world, so globally asking that question would have resulted in very slim and unverifiable answers from others.

But I do live in that world, every day. And that’s what sets me apart from the next marketing executive. I depend on data. And I require positive marketing results.

Want to understand more about data-driven marketing and how it can help your business? Let’s talk.

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