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They make us better people!

They make us better people!

I dare you to watch this one and try to not shed a tear. "Poppie, you need to wear your seatbelt because I would die for you."
Lunch with Sydni

Lunch at Hansang with Sydni

My youngest angel invited me to lunch today. For no reason. Just to have lunch with Dad.
757 Korean BBQ

Sydni’s birthday lunch with the family

Our family from around Hampton Roads & West Point met in Virginia Beach at 757 Korean BBQ
Sydni's birthday lunch @ Cogans

Birthday lunch @ Cogans

Sydni and I had lunch at Cogans North today to celebrate her 25th birthday. Holy crap. Twenty-five! Someone in this room is getting old. #mybabiesrock #CogansPizza #ilovenorfolk
Jennifer & Sydni