email is king

You thinking of running for office? Aol Mail is the place to start

There’s more money in Aol Mail than any other mail system — if you’re running for office, that is. According to a recent study on a past Presidential election, Aol Mail users accounted for 22% of total donations from email campaigns. Although 48% of subscribers had Gmail accounts, Aol Mail users accounted for 22% of total donations with an average donation of $159 each. Gmail users accounted for only 13% of donations with an average gift of $31.

Another not so surprising statistic is that 80% of all donations from email are coming from people 50 or older.

Senator Ted Cruz raised $3 million in 2012 and 70% of that came from email. President Obama built his Presidential election campaign email list to about 40 million people, and 4.5 million of those people actually donated.

What does this all mean? Email marketing works. Email is not heading out the door, like millennials like to tell us. Email is a very powerful medium to get your word out, no matter your industry or target audience.


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