KP people in subway

Why the interest in transportation?

I get questions quite a bit on my interests in transportation, particularly public transportation. The answer is simple–economic. Let me explain.

You know me as a business owner, a husband, a father, and a grandfather. So when the economy in Norfolk, Hampton Roads, and the great Commonwealth of Virginia is growing, then I benefit. My small business benefits. The quality of life for my family gets better by the day. And I am a happy fella.

Tying those thoughts back in to public transportation, when Hampton Roads enjoys a strong multimodal transit system, we draw top talent to the region, we draw top businesses, and we ensure the Navy keeps our cherished aircraft carriers at the Norfolk Naval Station (the largest employer in Hampton Roads).

So, again, the answer to why I have a strong passion for public transportation is economic–pure, simple, selfish, growth.

Disclosure: JASE Group CEO Keith Parnell is the Norfolk Commissioner to the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads, the Governing Board of Hampton Roads Transit.