Twitter for Your Organization – The Why and How

Teaching TwitterI’ll be teaching a how-to class on Twitter in a few weeks. The idea behind the session is to get non-profits and museums across Virginia onboard with the powerful networking aspects of Twitter.

I’ve come up with this course description and bullet conversation points. If this looks like something that would benefit your organization, feel free to contact me to setup a date. I’d be more than happy to talk with your action officers, decision makers and executives on the true power of social media and new media marketing.

Twitter for Your Organization – The Why and How

Building and maintaining your organization’s brand and reputation is a crucial aspect of the success you achieve. Twitter, one of the power players in this era of social networking, has proven to be an efficient tool to help with brand management.

But why tweet? Here are some of the topics we will cover in this session on tweeting to help you understand how Twitter can help your organization.

– What is Twitter and how does it work?
– Why should we tweet?
– The Twitter lingo.
– How to get started tweeting, creating an account, setting up a profile.
– What software programs can I use to tweet?
– How to post tweets.
– How to manage multiple Twitter accounts.
– How to @reply to others and retweet (RT) other tweets.
– The right way to interact with other twitterers.
– How to add Twitter to your blog.
– How to add Twitter to your Facebook page.
– Twitter marketing with your mobile phone.

Teacher: Keith Parnell, JASE Group Marketing & New Media

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