The NHL is back! Did you notice they were gone?

NHL logoI have to be frank with you about the NHL. Even as big a sports fan as I am, I didn’t even miss the NHL games and that the season hadn’t started yet because of a lockout? Was it because they were on TV on channel 1,835 last season? Or was it because I’m just not interested in watching silly fights until the playoffs? I’m not sure of the reason, but the NHL is back baby!

Katie says:

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel a little bit like a kid on Christmas Eve. All the waiting, all the patience, all the buying into the bullshit, all the daydreaming about cool new toys . . . all the silly, manufactured, frantic hope. And here we are, almost there, all of us ready and waiting for Santa to stop by, whether we believe in him or not anymore.

On Saturday, the NHL season will finally kick off at 3 p.m. Eastern on NBC as the Los Angeles Kings raise their championship banner before playing the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers resume their Hunger Games–style fight to the death against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Eleven other games will take place that day, all of them the sort of intradivisional rivalry matchups . . . Ah, yes, the NHL will be back.


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