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Just Say No, to Yelp Reviews

Just Say No, to Yelp Reviews [video]

Don't send your customers off to Yelp reviews. Keep those comments on your website, your property, your dot com where you can control the message, the truth.
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I’m all yours, for one hour [video]

Do you ever wish you could just pick up the phone and call somebody or hit a button on your laptop and zoom somebody to ask them questions? 'How did you do that?' 'How did you make that happen for your business?' 'What's your success story?' 'Do…
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People actually read your outdoor signage, ya know [video]

There's an art to putting yourself in the mindset of your customer. Know your audience. Let technology help do the work for you.
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Is your Facebook (Business Page) blowing-up your frustration level? [video]

Overall traffic is down. Individual article views are down. Comments are down. There’s a reason for that, says Facebook.
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Real-time Marketing Consulting, one-on-one with my full attention [video]

Let's line up a time so you and I can chat. I'll answer any questions you have on your business. Need assistance with establishing your brand? Need advice on understanding how to measure the success of your advertising dollars? Through the magic…
Welcome to keithparnell.com

Welcome to keithparnell.com! [video]

Thanks for visiting me at keithparnell.com. I'm really excited you're here. Feel free to look around at the types of services and clients I have fun with every day. I love understanding your activities, understanding your target audience, and…