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What's your AI game look like?

What’s your AI game look like?

Have you found that one aspect in your day where the ideas, outlines, or content can help you? Have you taken a chance with OpenAI yet? Or are you getting left behind?
Keith Parnell

Where are you on the AI spectrum?

Have you experimented with AI? ChatGPT is just fun. I think I'm lovin' this technology, with warning disclaimers to monitor and edit appropriately. We're still dealing with a machine and not human emotion.
Keith Parnell

Do you understand the ChatGPT and Blockchain technologies? [video]

In two years, I don't want to be seeing you in the same light as Blockbuster, Circuit City, Pizza Hut, and the Post Office. Stay current. Keep up.
Keith Parnell

Billions and billions in search dollars

Each percentage point Bing gains with ChatGPT will increase Microsoft's earnings by $2b/yr