T-Mobile Adds Unlimited Netflix and WatchESPN Streaming & Doubles Family Data – FREE

T-Mobile sent out a press release yesterday announcing several new enhancements to their service.

  • Video streams free at T-Mobile for subscribers of HBO, Hulu, Netflix, SHOWTIME, Sling TV, STARZ, WatchESPN and more.
  • In the biggest update ever to the company’s wildly popular Simple Choice plan, T-Mobile is giving families and businesses what they want most by doubling their high-speed 4G LTE data to 2GB per line.
  • To celebrate today’s news, T-Mobile is making the fourth line free. Now, for a limited time, a family of four can get four lines for $120 with 6GB per person (24GB total) – no sharing – at just $30 per line.

Full press release



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