KP soccer cleats and ball

Hey soccer, how much time is left in the game?

I just tuned in to the Newcastle United FC vs. Everton FC match on the NBC Sports app. Not sure why I paused there, but I was flipping off 2 hours of Golf Channel playing in the background to find something different. So what do you know, just when I hit the Premier League match, Everton scored. Excitement–quite the shocker in soccer.

Being an American (college) football fan, my first instinct was to look at the clock to get some perspective on how critical the score was. But then I remembered, the clock doesn’t mean jack in soccer.

Why can’t we fix this? Why can’t I look at the clock and know that there’s 30 minutes or 5 minutes left to go in the game? This is silly. Tradition. Schmadition. Fix this so us dumb Americans can watch soccer.


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