I’m back again with the ever-conversed on-demand transportation solutions versus-or-in-support-of public transportation services. The Boston Consulting Group recently published the results of a study supporting on-demand transportation programs successfully offering an effective way for cities to maximize the value and ridership of existing transit systems.

Researchers concluded, “Our study showed that on-demand transit services work. In the right regulatory context, with lower per-passenger subsidies than those provided to comparable public services, these initiatives can benefit passengers and cities alike. Their convenience and flexibility improve the user experience over fixed-route mass transit while bringing good jobs within reach of neighborhoods poorly served by the status quo. They also generate less congestion and pollution than solo passenger travel.”

Interesting. And I’m intrigued. Keep reading the study here. Which side of the fence do you sit?



Disclaimer: Keith Parnell was appointed by Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe as the City of Norfolk’s Commissioner to the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads, the governing body of Hampton Roads Transit. Keith was sworn into office by The Honorable George Schaefer in a ceremony at Norfolk Circuit Courthouse.