The Center for Digital Government has named Norfolk (VA) as America’s 2019 Top Digital City*. The top 10 characteristics of a Digital City are Leadership Alignment, Citizen-centric, Efficient, Data Governance, Secure, Resilient, Staffed / Supported, Connected, Innovative, and Best Practices.

Nice work, Steven and team. You’re making Norfolk proud.

Norfolk is using technology to support a new city goal of “Promoting Inclusive Economic Growth.” City IT personnel are working with four other southside cities to develop a plan to build a regional connectivity ring of dark fiber that will run through the city’s “Technology Zone” and will connect to an overseas cable landing site. When constructed, the connectivity ring will help drive economic growth and make available lower-cost broadband services in under served areas of the city.

Norfolk Mayor Kenneth Cooper Alexander, Ph.D, said he’s “honored that the City of Norfolk has earned this distinction. We will remain committed to using technology to improve transparency, address economic and social challenges, and provide great services. Norfolk is collaborating with regional partners to enhance our Technology Zone, connect the city to high-speed transcontinental fiber optic cable, and continue our work to make lower cost broadband services available to every resident and business.”

Chief Information Officer Steven DeBerry, who leads the Information Technology Department, has worked during the last four years to rebuild and refresh the city’s technology infrastructure. “This award validates the focus of our work to embrace an information technology strategy that delivers innovative and effective technology to connect residents to their city government,” DeBerry said. “We support resiliency efforts and enhance public safety while positioning Norfolk as a regional leader in championing technology that encourages entrepreneurial and economic development.”

*125,000 – 249,999 population:
1st City of Norfolk, VA
2nd City of Cape Coral, FL
3rd City of Bellevue, WA
4th City of Alexandria, VA
5th City of Baton Rouge, LA
5th City of Pasadena, CA
6th City of Corona, CA
6th City of Winston-Salem, NC
7th City of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
8th City of Fort Collins, CO
9th City of Augusta, GA
10th City of Roseville, CA

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