New Year’s Resolutions Review: Looking Good So Far

New Year's Resolutions2009 has been a solid year so far for our organization. Business is on a steady increase and outperforming our sales goals.

Pondering the causes of this growth during a tough economy, I thought back to my professional goals I set for myself on January 1, 2009. Here they are.

  1. I will identify those in my network of influence (on me) that are negative and impress upon me a non-productive demeanor. I will totally eliminate them from my circle.
  2. I will attempt to increase the size and more importantly the quality of my network of business partners. I will work my hardest to learn from their experience and offer my participation where appropriate.
  3. I will schedule my days and weeks to be more fluid, yet more productive.
  4. I will attempt to face-to-face network more than I did in 2008.
  5. I will be more cognizant of my personal brand and achieve to sharpen its edges.
Hard Work Means Success

I can honestly say that I am well on the way towards accomplishing each resolution. And even better than that, I can attribute much of JASE’s success this year to the processes I’m living to achieve these goals. So for once in my life, I can say that I’m living up to my New Year’s Resolutions and they’ve not been a total waste of my time to establish them.

– Good thing I didn’t throw in the ‘lose 30 pounds this year’ resolution! – :)

What about you?

How are those resolutions going?


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