Eric Clapton, The Studio Album Collection 1970-1981

My Valentine Has Me In Eric Clapton Vinyl Heaven Today!

My sweet valentine lavished me this Hallmark holiday season with the Eric Clapton, The Studio Album Collection 1970-1981. That’s right, I’m in vinyl heaven today. If you have to work on a Saturday, it may as well be while listening to Slowhand.

Eric Clapton (first solo album!)

  1. Slunky (Side A)
  2. Bad Boy (Side A)
  3. Lonesome And A Long Way From Home (Side A)
  4. After Midnight (Side A)
  5. Easy Now (Side A)
  6. Blues Power (Side A)
  7. Bottle Of Red Wine (Side B)
  8. Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me (Side B)
  9. Told You For The Last Time (Side B)
  10. Don’t Know Why (Side B)
  11. Let It Rain (Side B)

Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs (Derek and The Dominos)

  1. I Looked Away (Side A)
  2. Bell Bottom Blues (Side A)
  3. Keep On Growing (Side A)
  4. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out (Side A)
  5. I Am Yours (Side B)
  6. Anyday (Side B)
  7. Key To The Highway (Side B)

Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs (Derek and The Dominos)

  1. Tell The Truth (Side A)
  2. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad? (Side A)
  3. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Side A)
  4. Little Wing (Side B)
  5. It’s Too Late (Side B)
  6. Layla (Side B)
  7. Thorn Tree In The Garden (Side B)

461 Ocean Boulevard

  1. Motherless Children (Side A)
  2. Give Me Strength (Side A)
  3. Willie And The Hand Jive (Side A)
  4. Get Ready (Side A)
  5. I Shot The Sheriff (Side A)
  6. I Can’t Hold Out (Side B)
  7. Please Be With Me (Side B)
  8. Let It Grow (Side B)
  9. Steady Rollin’ Man (Side B)
  10. Mainline Florida (Side B)

There’s One in Every Crowd

  1. We’ve Been Told (Jesus Coming Soon) (Side A)
  2. Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Side A)
  3. Little Rachel (Side A)
  4. Don’t Blame Me (Side A)
  5. The Sky Is Crying (Side A)
  6. Singin’ The Blues (Side B)
  7. Better Make It Through Today (Side B)
  8. Pretty Blue Eyes (Side B)
  9. High (Side B)
  10. Opposites (Side B)

No Reason to Cry

  1. Beautiful Thing (Side A)
  2. Carnival (Side A)
  3. Sign Language (Side A)
  4. County Jail Blues (Side A)
  5. All Our Pastimes (Side A)
  6. Hello Old Friend (Side B)
  7. Double Trouble (Side B)
  8. Innocent Times (Side B)
  9. Hungry (Side B)
  10. Black Summer Rain (Side B)


  1. Cocaine (Side A)
  2. Wonderful Tonight (Side A)
  3. Lay Down Sally (Side A)
  4. Next Time You See Her (Side A)
  5. We’re All The Way (Side A)
  6. The Core (Side B)
  7. May You Never (Side B)
  8. Mean Old Frisco (Side B)
  9. Peaches And Diesel (Side B)


  1. Walk Out In The Rain (Side A)
  2. Watch Out For Lucy (Side A)
  3. I’ll Make Love To You Anytime (Side A)
  4. Roll It (Side A)
  5. Tell Me That You Love Me (Side A)
  6. If I Don’t Be There By Morning (Side B)
  7. Early In The Morning (Side B)
  8. Promises (Side B)
  9. Golden Ring (Side B)
  10. Tulsa Time (Side B)

Another Ticket

  1. Something Special (Side A)
  2. Black Rose (Side A)
  3. Blow Wind Blow (Side A)
  4. Another Ticket (Side A)
  5. I Can’t Stand It (Side A)
  6. Hold Me Lord (Side B)
  7. Floating Bridge (Side B)
  8. Catch Me If You Can (Side B)
  9. Rita Mae (Side B)

Eric Clapton, The Studio Album Collection 1970-1981


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